German shepherd stock photo

Life Care Center of Fort Wayne, Indiana, started a new community outreach program in January 2018 called Munch and a Movie.


Little did Alice Martin, business development director, realize that the initiative would not only bring in community members but also lead to finding a film showcasing a fellow Life Care center.


Each month, Life Care Center of Fort Wayne invites local seniors to the facility for lunch and a showing of a family-friendly movie themed around that month. For March, National Dog Month, Martin picked out a Christian movie called “Footprints,” the true story of a German shepherd named Cadie and her owner, David, and how they overcome the scars of their past.


As Martin and the guests viewed the movie on March 23, they were surprised to see that Cadie was a therapy dog at Life Care Center of Attleboro, Massachusetts, which was also featured in the film.


“You should’ve seen my face,” said Martin, who had no idea about the Life Care connection when she purchased the DVD. “The attendees were just as surprised as I was.”


The movie portrayed Life Care Center of Attleboro in a positive light, with caring associates and a welcoming environment.


“This was an excellent opportunity to feature positive branding for our nationwide organization and our friendly, faith-based values,” said Martin. “At the end of the feature I was asked by a faithful monthly event attendee for more information about our facility. This means a lot being that she visits many facilities for their events and has become very familiar with skilled nursing facilities but is looking to join ours.”


Martin added that the Munch and a Movie brings in about 20 community members each month.